Science takes centre stage as schools strive for Shield

Students from six Kent schools put their scientific knowledge to the test as they took part in the Barton Science Competition at Tonbridge School on Tuesday (10 March).

Teams made up of four students from Years 9 and 10 faced challenges and problem-solving exercises in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Tasks included, respectively, discovering types of chemicals using advanced practical techniques, minimising forces impacting a car by designing a ‘crumple zone’, and identifying biological substances.

Schools taking part, in what was the second year of this competition, included Tonbridge Grammar School for Girls, The Judd School, Skinners’ Kent Academy, Weald of Kent and Hugh Christie School, as well as Tonbridge. 

After three keenly contested sessions, in which pupils impressed the judges with their all-round science skills, Tonbridge Grammar School for Girls emerged as the winner, with its team receiving the highly prized Barton Shield. Hugh Christie was runner-up, with Skinners’ Kent Academy placed third.

Phil Deakin, Head of Science at Tonbridge School, said: “It was fantastic to see students being inspired by interesting experiments across the disciplines. The challenges were designed to challenge and stretch talented young scientists beyond GCSE level, and our competitors more than rose to the occasion.” 

The competition took place in the school’s Barton Science Centre, a state-of-the art building named after former Tonbridge pupil, Nobel Prize winner and distinguished organic chemist Sir Derek Barton.

Pictured above: The winning team. Below: Students compete in the Barton Science Competition.

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