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Sixth Formers launch ‘Movember’ campaign in support of men’s health

Twelve boys from the School’s Upper Sixth will be growing moustaches throughout this month in support of the Movember Foundation.

Originally, the Foundation was concerned with men's physical health, focusing on specific male cancers such as testicular and prostate. It now takes a more holistic approach to men's overall health and wellbeing, with mental health issues forming a crucial part of its work.

The boys’ primary goal is to raise money through a JustGiving page that they have set up. They hope that friends, family and staff, as well as Tonbridge boys, will donate to the cause. 

However, Jonas Freeman, Head of School, explained that raising awareness of men's health issues is just as important. “Starting and normalising conversations between us all about men's health is a fantastic way to enact meaningful change,” he said.

“At Tonbridge, we want men to live happier, healthier, and longer lives, and our hope is that the campaign goes some way to achieving this.”

Joe Baldwin, Deputy Head of School, who is co-leading the campaign, added: “We believe the Movember Foundation's work to be hugely important, and potentially lifesaving.”

Some of the Sixth Formers taking part in the Movember Challenge are pictured – relatively clean shaven, at the start of the month – above.

We’ll be following their progress, in terms of money raised and facial hair grown, on the School’s social media pages, especially Facebook, as the campaign continues.