The Argo gets ready to set sail at Tonbridge

Please Note: This event has been postponed.

The legendary voyage of Jason and the Argonauts is the inspiration for the Whole School Concert taking place at Tonbridge this month.

Telling the story of Jason’s journey to Colchis to reclaim his throne and the quest for the Golden Fleece, The Argo has been written by Hywel Davies, the school’s Composer-in-Residence. The production involves every boy, who will form the Whole School Chorus, as well as soloists, choristers and the Tonbridge School Symphony Orchestra. 

The Youth Chorus features pupils from Hilden Grange and Yardley Court schools, as well as the Slade Primary School Choir. 

The Whole School Concert – which is completely sold out – will involve half the school performing on Thursday 19 March, and the other half on Friday 20. These will be the first performances of The Argo, making the event a world premiere.

Mark Forkgen, the school’s Director of Music, will be conducting. He said: “We have two exciting nights in store, presenting a work that has so many different layers and challenges: the whole school singing as an opera chorus, playing different roles, the soloists both narrating and bringing characters to life, and the Symphony Orchestra accompanying the drama, adding a wealth of colour to proceedings.”     

On Thursday 19 the chorus will comprise Judde House, Hill Side, Ferox Hall, Smythe House, Cowdrey House and Oakeshott House. On Friday 20 the performance will be given by School House, Park House, Parkside, Manor House, Welldon House and Whitworth. 
Prior to the start of each concert, there will be a special 'Question and Answer' forum with Hywel Davies and Mark Forkgen, in which they will discuss The Argo's composition. 

Hywel Davies is a composer, sound artist and installation artist. A winner of the George Butterworth Prize for Compositions and a recipient of an Arts Council England International Fellowship, his works have been performed at prestigious venues including the Cheltenham International Festival, Bournemouth Festival by the Sea and King’s Palace in London, and on BBC Radio 3.

Pictured above: Mark Forkgen, Director of Music and conductor for The Argo, leads a Chapel rehearsal.

Pictured below: The Argo programme cover, as designed by Tonbridge boy Henry Kaplan (JH4); and more rehearsals.