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Tonbridge boys are among the honours in the British Physics Olympiad

Tonbridge boys are celebrating Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the First Round of the British Physics Olympiad, which took place in November last year.

This national competition encourages the study of the subject and recognises excellence in young physicists.

Two Upper Sixth Formers, Kenneth Lee and Yury Balabin, claimed the highest ranking on offer, with a Top Gold placing, which puts them among the top students in the country. Those with Top Golds can go on to compete in Round 2, which is taking place at the end of January.

Chris Powell, Head of Physics, said: “This was an extremely challenging paper and so all students who gained awards should be very proud of their performance. 

“Particular mention goes to Hugh O'Donnell and Justin Lam, who achieved a Gold a year ahead of the target audience (of mostly Upper Sixth students), and Daniel Qiu, who achieved this accolade two years in advance.”    

Award: Top Gold
(Top 7.1% of students nationally who took part)
Kenneth Lee (MH5) - Top Gold
Yury Balabin (CH5) - Top Gold

Award: Gold (Top 9% of students nationally who took part)
Alikhan Murat (FH5) - Gold
Cameron Dymond (OH5) - Gold
Zac Nwogwugwu (HS5) - Gold
Hugh O'Donnell (PH4) - Gold
Herman Chow (JH4) - Gold
Justin Lam (FH4) - Gold
Daniel Qiu (PH3) - Gold

Award: Silver
Gio Avondo (Sc5) - Silver
Hayden Lam (FH4) - Silver
Ming Chan (PS4) - Silver

Award: Bronze I and II
Jonathan Au (Sc5) - Bronze I
Thomas Gardner (CH4) - Bronze II
Duncan Randall (CH5) - Bronze II
James Moore (PS4) - Bronze II
Adrian Lam (JH4) - Bronze II

Pictured above and below: Some of the Physics Olympiad contestants, by the School's Barton Science Centre. 

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