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Tonbridge boys earn Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in Physics Olympiad

The School put in an extremely strong showing in the Intermediate Physics Challenge.

Boys who competed in this national contest on Friday 11 March were awarded an impressive total of two Gold awards, 10 Silver and nine Bronze.

Isaac King (CH3) was placed second in the entire cohort of 2,394 entrants. Toby Stevens (FH3) also received a Gold, and finished in the top 5.5 per cent of all entrants.

Those boys gaining a Silver award earned a place in the top 18 per cent. Sam Zang (FH2) and Ethan Glucina (PS2) both did exceptionally well to achieve Silver medals while still in the Second Year at Tonbridge, with the vast majority of entrants being in the year above.

This competition is a part of the British Physics Olympiad: the latter encourages the study of the subject, and recognises excellence in young physicists, through a series of annual national challenges. 

Pictured: Barton Science Centre, Tonbridge School.

Full results as below.

Isaac King (CH3)    
Toby Stevens (FH3)    

Sam Zang (FH2)    
Lifu Yang (JH3)    
Toby Lumb (Sc3)    
Alex Lander (PS3)    
Qi Li (JH3)    
Virgile Patricot (WW3)
Johnnie Averdieck (WW3)    
Chris Robertson (PH3)    
Ethan Glucina (PS2)    
Henry Wang (MH3)

Bronze I:
Thomas Higgins (OH3)
Kieran McWilliams (SH3)    
Nathaniel Chan (HS3)
Toby Mok (PS2)
Bobby Jiang (MH3)

Bronze II:
Michael Nyamali (SH3)
James Flint (WW3)
Ryan Ng (FH3)
Hugo Streets (FH3)

Harry Leach (OH3)

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