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Tonbridge boys measure up to Senior Physics Challenge

Tonbridge boys were among the medals after achieving a highly impressive set of results in the Senior Physics Challenge 2021.

More than 5,200 students, representing 380 schools across the country, took part in the competition, which is aimed primarily at Year 12 students and this year was run in an online format. The contest aims to test the most able young physicists in the country, developing their problem-solving skills and powers of quick thinking.

The School earned a total of 16 Gold medals, 16 Silver, 12 Bronze and two Commendations. Gold medals were awarded to the top 15 per cent of entrants, Silver to the top 31 per cent, and Bronze to the top 44 per cent, meaning that Tonbridge’s results were consistently higher than the national picture. 

Davin Qiu (PH3) scored the highest mark of any Tonbridge boy, which was a remarkable feat as he took on the challenge a year earlier than most.

Head of Science, Phil Deakin, said: “It’s pleasing to see another strong set of results for the School, especially as boys were competing with many of the top achieving students in the country. This competition shows that they can adapt classroom learning to problem-solving situations and perform well under serious time pressure.”

Pictured: Inside the School's Barton Science Centre.

Award: Gold 
Davin Qiu (PH3)
Kenneth Lee (MH4)
Yury Balabin (CH4)
Alikhan Murat (FH4)    
Harris Yu (JH4)    
Jonathan Au (Sc4)
Gio Avondo (Sc4)    
Jacques Bowkley (HS4)    
Luca Calcagnini (SH4)
Charlie Guano (Sc4)
Arthur Ponsonby (Sc4)
Oscar Kennedy (FH4)
Ratchatakorn Sotthivej (PS4)
James Hii (HS4)
Freddie Lacey (PH4)
Ben Moore (WH4)

Award: Silver
Cameron Dymond (OH4)    
Christopher Halford (PH4)
Wilkie Hoare (WW4)
Frederick Piggott (MH4)
Xander Froggatt (WW4)    
Mateus Jezia (WW4)
Duncan Randall (CH4)    
James Zhong (HS4)    
Isaac Glucina (PS4)    
Nicholas Sanders (OH4)    
Ryan Cheung (PH4)    
Reece Impey (HS4)
Dominic Leo (PH4)    
Dom Macpherson (MH4)    
Max Selby (WH4)    
Zac Nwogwugwu (HS4)    

Award: Bronze 
Harry Lumsden (CH4)
James Watts (OH4)
Jonty Foulds (CH4)
Dylan Brown (SH4)
Marcus Shen (FH4)
Ollie Easterbrook (WH4)    
George Kitchener (HS4)
Soleiman Al Garousha (FH4)    
Henry Bourne (MH4)    
Marcus Siu (Sc4)
Daniel Cassidy (OH4)    
Freddie Lee-Amies (WW4)    

Theo Collingwood (WW4)
Christopher Bowring (OH4)

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