Tonbridge stages Science and Technology Conference

More than 150 pupils from schools in the USA, Germany, London, Berkshire, Sussex and Kent attended the Science and Technology Conference at Tonbridge on Friday 6 March.

Now in its fifth year, the conference brought together students to present their own work and discuss scientific topics, in an event which replicated an academic conference. The event also tied in with the first day of British Science Week 2020.

A busy programme included several student presentation sessions, talks from leading academics from the universities of Bristol and Greenwich and more than 70 research posters being put on display.

Students’ topics ranged from the treatment of cancer, decreasing hospital-related infections and producing sustainable batteries to tackling plastic pollution. Studies investigated digestion, plants, deodorants, flies, the environment and even ‘how we smell things’.

Phil Deakin, Head of Science at Tonbridge, said: “It was tremendous to see students from different schools and countries coming together to discuss, debate and learn from one another. The poster presentations were well researched and dealt with an impressive range of subjects, and overall I found it very inspiring to see such passion for science and discovery being shown throughout the conference.”

Professor Ian Swaine, from the University of Greenwich, gave a talk on the place of science and technology in sport and exercise, and Professor Tim Gallagher, University of Bristol, presented on nicotine addiction and the chemistry of smoking cessation.

Schools taking part, in addition to Tonbridge, included The Judd School; Benenden School; Sevenoaks School; Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School; Weald of Kent; Eastbourne College; Trinity School, Croydon; Wellington College, and Westminster School. 

Also represented were Otto von Taube Gymnasium, in Munich, and Los Altos High School in California.

The Science and Technology Conference took place in the school’s Barton Science Centre and also in the EM Forster Theatre. James Priory, Headmaster at Tonbridge School, gave a welcome address. “I have no doubt that this will be a truly stimulating conference and a celebration of science. There are some amazing ideas and extraordinary pieces of research that we will be hearing about from many of you today,” he told students.

Pictured above and below: The Science and Technology Conference 2020.

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