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Tonbridge Upper Sixth achieve ‘outstanding’ A-level results

Tonbridge’s Upper Sixth cohort has been congratulated by the School’s Headmaster, James Priory, on achieving outstanding A-level and Pre-U results.

More than 87 per cent of all grades awarded are A*/A, or their equivalent at Pre-U. Over 95 per cent of leavers have secured their choice of university course, with the very large majority receiving offers to their first-choice destination. 

Mr Priory said: “All at Tonbridge are incredibly proud of the creativity and commitment boys have shown throughout their Sixth Form studies, especially given the challenging circumstances of the last 18 months. As a year group, they have adapted readily to different forms of learning and worked hard to complete their chosen courses.” 

He added: “In addition to achieving these outstanding academic results, our Upper Sixth boys have each made a significant contribution to the intellectual and co-curricular life of the School and have played a leading role in our wider School community. Many congratulations on behalf of everyone here.”

More than 60 per cent of all grades achieved by Tonbridge boys are at A* or equivalent, with 58 candidates awarded straight A*/D1/D2 grades. 

A total of 115 pupils, approximately 70 per cent of the year group, have all their grades at A*/A.

Boys at Tonbridge have once again had a highly successful summer of outcomes for their university destinations, which include the top universities in the UK and around the world. A total of 22 boys will take up places at Oxford and Cambridge; 29 have gained places at Durham; 25 at the top four London universities, and Exeter will see 17 boys attending. 

Other high-tariff universities that boys will be attending include Edinburgh, Warwick, St Andrews, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester.

Boys have done well internationally too, with places won at Cornell, Boulder, Marshall (with a highly sought-after football scholarship) and the University of North Carolina in the US; the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia in Canada; and the top universities in Hong Kong.
The breadth of courses is something about which Tonbridge is particularly proud. Engineering and Economics/Business courses top the bill, while Modern Languages, Classics, English, History and Philosophy have a very strong showing. Computer Science is flourishing and places for Medicine (eight) and Architecture have also been secured at leading institutions. 

Boys are encouraged to think widely and play to their strengths and career interests when choosing courses, and this shows itself with those preparing to study subjects including Arabic, Mechatronics, Urban Planning, Automotive Materials, Sports Coaching and Music Production, among a wide range of other degree courses. 
Mr Priory added: “As we congratulate the boys on their achievements, I would also like to extend my thanks to all Tonbridge staff, both teaching and support, for their dedication and hard work in providing a high quality learning experience.” 

'Tonbridge Portraits’: Some of our Upper Sixth leavers reflect on their Tonbridge days, and also look forward to the next stage in their educational careers and in their lives.

Pictured, below from left: Upper Sixth students Harry, Alex, Pradeep, Jeremy and Toby in the Library Gardens on A-level results day (and pictured above with James Priory).

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