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Top in the UK: Tonbridge teams excel at the Trinity Maths Competition

Tonbridge boys made their mark on the international stage in the Trinity Maths Competition (Winter 2022), with one team coming top in the UK and with other teams also achieving highly impressive results.

There were 170 competing teams, representing six countries, in this annual online competition which tests students’ problem-solving abilities. Nine teams from Tonbridge participated, which was the second largest from a single school. 

The School’s highlights included the following:
* Tonbridge Team ‘Bad at Maths’ came 8th overall, out of all 170 teams, and was placed first in the UK; 
* Tonbridge Team ‘Sine Me Up’ came 17th overall and 3rd in the UK;
* Tonbridge Team ‘X-Husbands’ came 29th overall and 6th in the UK;
* Three of the School’s teams were therefore placed in the top 50, one more than Tonbridge achieved in the 2020 competition;
* Tonbridge Teams ‘Diverging to Infinity and Beyond’ and ‘e=pi=3’ were also placed in the top 50 per cent, ranking 71st and 79th respectively; 
* In total, five School teams were in the top 50 per cent, three more than Tonbridge achieved in the 2020 competition. 

These results continue a magnificent run for the Maths Department, following many individual successes in both rounds of the British Maths Olympiad earlier in this academic year.
More details, and a full list of teams, are on the Trinity site.
Full results for Tonbridge teams:
'Bad at Maths'    
Isaac King 
Yury Balabin 
Catalin Botezat 
Alex Chui 
Hayden Lam 
Justin Leung    
Ranking: 8th (1st in UK)

'Sine Me Up'    
Thomas Gardner 
Donald Chui 
Ralph Edmondson 
Zach Hudson 
Daniel Qiu 
Sam Zang    
Ranking: 17th (3rd in UK)

Alikhan Murat
James Hii 
Bosco Lee 
Kenneth Lee 
Winner Sotthivej 
James Zhong     
Ranking: 29th (6th in UK)

'Diverging to Infinity and Beyond'    
Ollie Whittall 
Ming Chan 
William Chittick 
Tom Kwok 
Freddie Ogilvie 
Alastair Wu 
Ranking: 71st

'e = pi = 3'    
Jeffrey Sze 
Herman Chow 
Adrian Lam 
Justin Lam 
Ryan Lum 
Hugh O'Donnell 
Ranking: 79th

Duncan Randall 
Jonathan Au 
Ollie Easterbrook 
Nicholas Sanders 
Harris Yu 
Ranking: 97th

'Zero to Hero'    
TK Buristrakul 
Johnnie Averdieck 
Gio Avondo 
Michael Nyamali 
Arthur Ponsonby 
Ranking: 108th

Alex Lander 
James Allan 
Rory Froggatt 
Will Horrell 
Qi Li 
Freddie Pointon 
Ranking: 125th

'Integral Milan'    
Sam Ou 
Max Gallagher 
Bertie Harris 
Damon McDevitt 
James Moore 
Max Mussavian    
Ranking: 135th

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