Ultimate Tournament attracts a top turnout

Frisbees were flying on the playing fields of Tonbridge last Saturday (11 May) as the school hosted its annual Ultimate Tournament.

More than a hundred young people took part, representing various schools and frisbee clubs across the south east. The latest competition was the biggest to date, with 11 schools and clubs entering a total of 17 teams. 

Due to the large numbers the tournament was run with two divisions. Division 1 was made up of boys' teams, representing Years 11 to 13, from Reigate Grammar School, St Paul’s School, Gravesend Grammar School, Gildredge House, Windsor Wolves, Sussex Stingrays and Tonbridge School. The coaches of these squads also entered a team, which provided some extra incentive for players to try and beat the teachers.

Division 2 was made up of boys’, girls’ and mixed teams from Years 7 to 10, featuring Gildredge House, Fulham Cross Girls’ School, Wyvern and St Edmunds, Thomas Bennett School and Windsor Wolves.

Organiser Will Biddle, a Housemaster at Tonbridge and an Ultimate Frisbee coach, said: “All games were played in a great spirit. Players and coaches alike had a great afternoon and we were all delighted with how the tournament went.

“A fairly strong wind kept handlers challenged throughout the afternoon, but teams coped well and all matches saw a good number of points scored in the 30 minute games. Teams competed hard and enthusiastically for the entire four hours of the tournament.” 

Pictured above: Tournament winners Tonbridge Boars 1, with Will Biddle at the front.

Below: Fulham Cross Girls’ School, who were the ‘Tournament Spirit’ winners.