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Warm welcome as Second Year parents get together in BSC  

Second Year parents had the opportunity to come together as a year group for the Tonbridge Society Drinks, which took place in the School’s Barton Science Centre last Friday (17 September).

The original Welcome event in September 2020 had to be postponed, for obvious reasons, but one year on parents met and mingled with Housemasters, other School staff and, of course, each other as they celebrated the start of their son’s second year at Tonbridge.

Some parents also had their first opportunity to look around the state-of-the-art BSC, a building which recently won a prestigious RIBA Award for architectural excellence.

James Priory gave an opening talk (as pictured), in which he expressed delight that the School was fully open again, enabling boys to enjoy as normal an educational experience as possible, not only in their lessons but also in their activities beyond the classroom.

“We’ve also thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time with the boys again in their Houses, and it has been wonderful to be able to come together in Chapel for the first time in 18 months,” he told parents.

In his address Mr Priory discussed the new ‘Only Connect’ vision and branding for Tonbridge, with the new films being shown on the big screen in the Barton Science Centre, and he highlighted the role of the Tonbridge Society in building lifelong relationships within the School community.

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