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DNA Helix of Life

Created exactly sixty years after the discovery of DNA, Oxford Biochemistry graduate turned sculptor, Briony Marshall’s work DNA: Helix of Life is emblematic of the great achievements of modern science. A two meter tall DNA molecule, it is constructed from over 600 human figures joined at the hands and feet each representing a different atom in the DNA.

Made first in wax and then cast in bronze, the work demonstrates ambitious talent paired with a rather humbled view of society; that we must support each other as individuals to operate as a whole. The integrity of the structure depends on each figure playing its part and is a powerful representation of the interconnectedness of life.

The sculpture will be the first item to feature in a rolling programme of installations located in the stairwell installation of the new Science Centre. 

The DNA Helix of Life is one of five showpiece items now available for sponsorship. To find out more about sponsorship and naming opportunities, contact:

Andrew Whittall
Director of the Tonbridge Society

T: +44 (0) 1732 304253