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Tonbridge School has a formidable academic reputation. This is achieved by high quality teachers, assisted by dedicated support staff, who together foster a broad curriculum for able boys, which seeks to:

  • Encourage intellectual advancement, curiosity and creativity in a stimulating, challenging but cooperative academic environment;
  • Develop boys’ love of learning, general study skills and team work;
  • Provide opportunities for cultural, linguistic, scientific, and physical enrichment and an awareness of, and service to, the school, local, national and global community and heritage;
  • Prepare young men for entry to good universities, either in the UK or abroad;
  • Enable young men to enter the adult world with the knowledge and self-belief to fulfil their potential.

Universities and Careers

Sixth form boy chatting with Universities Adviser

The school has its own Higher Education and Careers Service. Here, boys can access a wide range of information and receive one-to-one advice on career opportunities, university choices, gap years and more. 



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