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Tonbridge School has an outstanding academic reputation. Every year our boys win places at leading universities here in the UK and around the world, including Oxford and Cambridge, Russell Group and US universities, the significant majority to their first choice destination.

We encourage a love of learning by taking an interest in quirks, enthusiasms and idiosyncrasies, and the results speak for themselves: our boys consistently achieve some of the best examination results in the country. In 2021, more than 87% of A-level results and 96% of GSCE results were A*/A or equivalent.

Our curriculum has been inspired by the skills identified by The World Economic Forum as having the greatest value in the future, such as complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, leadership, resilience and flexibility.

We offer 26 subjects taught by outstanding subject specialists, often with an impressive reputation in their field. All are passionate advocates for their subjects and their students, encouraging our boys to go beyond the curriculum in order to gain a mastery of the topic.

The rapport between boy and adult is not based on authority of the command and control kind, but on mutual respect and on a shared aim – the aim to grow. The Housemaster and Tutor system supports this ethos, ensuring that each boy has a wide network of support, both academically and pastorally.

What they are saying about us

Fiercely academic without the heat of London, Tonbridge suits driven, hardworking but – critically – normal boys. Understated yet excelling across the board, this is one of our favourite schools in the country.

Talk Education

The poet W. B. Yeats called true education ‘the lighting of a fire’. To join Tonbridge is to enter a learning community that seeks to ‘light a fire’ in each and every student.

Peter Carpenter, Former Head of English

2021 Statistics



More than 87 per cent of grades were at A*/A or their Pre-U equivalent



More than 96 per cent of all grades awarded are 9/8/7, equivalent to A*/A



Over 95 per cent of leavers secured their choice of university course


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Higher Education and Careers

Our Higher Education and Careers team helps pupils gain the confidence, skills and experience to achieve their academic and professional ambitions.

Learning Strategies

At Tonbridge, learning diversity is recognised and planned for. Our aim is to provide all pupils with learning strategies that will equip them for life at university and beyond.



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