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In an environment where scepticism of science is becoming ever increasingly commonplace, and when new economies are rapidly overtaking Britain in terms of technological advancement and entrepreneurism, there has never been a greater need for a solid scientific education. The Science department at Tonbridge aims to provide this in a way that is practical, enjoyable, interesting and intellectually challenging.

We seek to prepare all boys for life in an increasingly technological society so that, irrespective of their A level choices or future career, they can appreciate, understand, and make informed decisions about topical scientific, social, environmental and ethical issues. Studying science is more than just learning a collection of facts and understanding ideas: it is rather a way of thinking. The mental discipline learnt through the study of sciences is valued by employers of all sorts and thus A level sciences open doors to a very wide range of careers.

Barton Science Centre

The Barton Science Centre interior showing stairwell and sculpture

Officially opened in March 2019, the state-of-the art Barton Science Centre provides a world-class environment for innovative teaching and learning.

Mr Nick Waite

Head of Science
BSc, University of Bristol

Mr Christopher Powell

Head of Physics
MA, MRes, University of Oxford & King's College London

Dr Bill Burnett

Head of Biology
BSc, PhD, Newcastle University

Mr David Robinson

Head of Chemistry
MEarth Sci. DPhil, University of Oxford

Mr Graham Barnes

Housemaster of Oakeshott House, Teacher of Physics
BSc, University of Nottingham

Mr Andrew Byfield

Teacher of Chemistry
MA, University of Oxford

Dr Steven Chalk

Teacher of Physics
PhD, BSc, University of Hull

Dr Adam Cooke

Teacher of Design Technology & Engineering, Teacher of Physics
MEng, DPhil, University of Sussex

Ms Aisha Cooper

Teacher of Biology
MBiochem, University of Oxford

Mr Charles Curtis

Graduate Assistant
BA, University of Cambridge

Mrs Carly Felstein

Teacher of Biology
BSc, Middlesex University

Mr Greg Fisher

Housemaster of Smythe House, Teacher of Chemistry
BSc, Kings College, London
MA, University of London

Mr James Fisher

Deputy Head Co-Curricular, Teacher of Chemistry
BSc, University of Nottingham 

Mr Ralph Fleming

Teacher of Physics
MA, University of Oxford

Ms Gloria Gao

Teacher of Chemistry
MSc, University of Oxford
BSc, University of Oxford

Miss Holly Hayward

Teacher of Chemistry
MChem, University of Oxford

Dr Christopher Lawrence

Teacher of Chemistry
PhD, MA, BA, University of Cambridge

Mr Alastair McGilchrist

Teacher of Physics
MEng, University of Manchester

Mr Paul Ridd

Teacher of Biology, Universities and Career Support
MA, University of Oxford

Mr Toby Sampson

Housemaster of Park House, Teacher of Biology
BSc, Edinburgh University

Dr Scott Sneddon

Teacher of Chemistry
PhD, BSc, Keele University & University of St Andrews

Mr Colin Swainson

Deputy Head Pastoral, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teacher of Biology
MA, University of Cambridge

Mr Kieron Walsh

Teacher of Chemistry
MSci, Queen Mary University of London

Mr Mark Weatheritt

Deputy Head Academic, Teacher of Physics
BSc, MA, University of York & University of Cambridge


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