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Financial Assistance

We strongly believe that diversity opens minds.

Our aim is to widen access and opportunity to academically able boys, who, regardless of background and financial means would not only benefit, but positively thrive from a Tonbridge education and add significant value to the School.

Financial assistance is available following means-testing up to 100% of fees with a package for additional support where necessary. 

More than 60 Tonbridge boys currently benefit from significant fee reductions. By 2028, the School aims to have between 80 and 100 boys supported.

Foundation Awards Programme

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The level of financial support offered to a boy in receipt of the Foundation Award is means-tested. It should be noted that the level of support received depends not only on family income but also assets, necessary expenses, and liabilities. Eligibility is assessed by the Director of Finance following a review of a confidential financial circumstances form at the beginning of the process. 

The Foundation Award is available to both Boarders and Day boys, but only for those who are joining Tonbridge at the start of Year 9 and who are in receipt of a Scholarship.

Boys will need to be at or near the top of their class in Year 6, exceeding at most levels. A good indicator of academic suitability for Tonbridge is high predicted scores for 11+ (Kent Test) and/or CAT4 exams. They will also need to be eager to learn and join in the many Co-Curricular opportunities that we offer. 

Meet our dedicated Foundation Awards Manager

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Ros Griffiths

Ros Griffiths


Other Awards


Third Son

A 10% remission of fees is given to the third son (and any subsequent sons) of the same family to attend the School.


Changes of Circumstances

The School may be able to offer financial assistance to parents (of boys already at the School), who suffer a significant and unexpected change of financial circumstances, impacting on their ability to keep their son(s) at Tonbridge. We advise that parents contact the Director of Finance for more information. 

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Tonbridge has set an ambitious target to expand the Foundation Award Programme, but to achieve this, we need the support of our entire community.

Fees and Charges

Our team is here to answer any questions you have about payment of fees and further support.