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Our Scholarship programme is designed to highlight areas of exceptional talent among our boys, which will be further nurtured and supported over their time here. Tonbridge Scholars are expected to be active in all aspects of School life.

All Scholarships are open to boys joining the School in Year 9 only, with the exception of Music and Sport as boys joining in Year 12 can also apply for these. Boys must already be holding an Unconditional Offer for a School place before applying for a scholarship. Boys can apply for multiple awards. 

The winning of any Scholarship provides eligibility for means-tested support of up to 100% fee remission, meaning that all financially supported Scholarships are only available to boys residing in the UK. 

Boys awarded Scholarships who do not require or who are not eligible for financial support, will receive a one off payment of £2000 as recognition of their achievement. This financial award will be deducted from the first term’s fees.


Up to 21 Academic Scholarships are awarded each year who are joining the School at the start of Year 9

Guide and Application Form


Up to 12 Music Scholarships are awarded each year, to boys joining the School in Year 9 and Year 12

Guide and Application Form


Up to three Drama scholarships are offered each year, for boys joining the School at the start of Year 9

Guide and Application Form


Three or more Cowdrey scholarships will be offered each year to boys joining at the start of Year 9.

Guide and Application Form

Other Awards

Honorary Academic Scholarships

Year 11 boys who perform at a very high level in the Sixth Form Entrance Examinations may be awarded an Honorary Academic Scholarship and an honorarium of £100.

Current boys who show Academic Excellence across all their subjects may also receive an Honorary Academic Scholarship. 


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Financial Assistance

We strongly believe that diversity opens minds. Our Foundation Award enables bursaries to be offered to Year 6 boys, who would otherwise not be able to attend Tonbridge due solely to an inability to pay School fees. 


Tonbridge School aims to provide an unsurpassed education of excellence, which includes a vibrant programme of co-curricular breadth and depth.