Year 10 Entry

A small number of boys join Tonbridge in Year 10. Boys entering at this stage are usually aged between 14.0 and 14.11 on 1st September of the year of entry. These age-limits are not inflexible, and slightly younger or older candidates may be accepted at the Headmaster’s discretion.

Applications for students applying for September 2021 have closed. For further information, please contact Veryan Larmour ( 

  • Registration

Registration is the formal first stage of the Year 10 admissions process. To register, please complete the online Tonbridge Registration Form. There is a non-refundable registration fee of £250. All applications must be submitted with a copy of the candidate’s latest school report. Overseas candidates should also arrange to sit UKiset assessment tests, naming Tonbridge as a school to which they would like the results to be sent. The test can be sat at centres across the world; details can be found on their website:

The application deadline is 1st September - earlier submission is welcome. Candidates living in China, Hong Kong or Singapore may be invited for an interview which will determine if they are invited to sit our entry exams.

UK candidates should complete registration by 1st October in the year prior to proposed entry. Late applicants may be considered at the school’s discretion if there are still places available. Please contact the admissions office before registering as a late applicant.

  • Entry Exams and Interviews

Examinations will be set by Tonbridge in Mathematics and English only, to be taken in November; it should be noted that these exams are highly competitive with only the strongest candidates receiving offers of places. Specimen papers can be viewed on our exam papers page. Papers can be taken either at Tonbridge or at a British Council office around the world or possibly at another approved international location. Candidates living or studying in the UK will be interviewed at Tonbridge on the day of the exams; candidates living overseas, who are able to attend interviews in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore, will be interviewed via Skype.

  • Offers of Unconditional Places

UNCONDITIONAL OFFERS will be issued to the best performing applicants on 1st December (nine months prior to arrival at Tonbridge). Parents accept the UNCONDITIONAL OFFER by returning the Final Entry Form and paying an admission fee of £2,000. Applicants living overseas will also be required to pay the first term’s fees in advance.

1st September 2020 Closing date for international applications for 2021 entry
1st October 2020 Closing date for UK applications for 2021 entry
November 2020 November Entrance Exam for Year 10 candidates