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Year 9 (13+) Entry

The main entry point to Tonbridge is in Year 9 when around 150 boys join the School, of which approximately 85 are Boarders and 65 are Day boys. Boys entering at this stage are usually aged 13 by the September of their year of entry. This age-limit is not inflexible, and slightly younger or older candidates may be considered at the Headmaster’s discretion.

Most applications for Year 9 entry are made when boys are in between Year 5 and Year 6, but our arrangements are sufficiently flexible to consider those who apply later. Whilst most boys will join us from a UK preparatory school, we welcome applications from primary schools or from overseas candidates.

Applications for entry in September 2024 and 2025 are now closed.

The Admissions Timeline

Visit and Apply

Year 5

Year 6

Assessment and Selection

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8


Year 8

Joining Tonbridge

Year 8

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Up Next

Novi (Year 9) Curriculum

The design of our curriculum is integral to the boys' experience, our aim being to maximise learning, equipping them with knowledge while sustaining their personal development and enjoyment. 

Entrance Examinations

The Tonbridge Entrance Exams provide an opportunity for boys to demonstrate their academic potential. 

The majority of boys will sit the Entrance Exams in Year 6.