Student with axe, and teacher explaining how to split logs.

Tonbridge School aims to provide an unsurpassed education of excellence and breadth.

A vibrant and balanced programme of co-curricular breadth and depth is fundamental to our core values and many Tonbridgians have led successful careers in the artistic and sporting worlds once they have left the school.

From writers such as EM Forster or Vikram Seth, to musicians Keane, or actors Dan Stevens and Ben Whitrow and international sportsmen such as Colin Cowdrey or Ed Smith, Tonbridge has inspired and nurtured talented boys down the years. Involvement in music, art, drama, sport and many other activities underpins a culture of creativity, innovation and excellence.

The co-curricular programme also provides opportunities for service to others, and the development of self-reliance and leadership skills.

Did you know?

Stone board's head gate-post with boys and school in background

Tonbridge School was founded in 1553, and today occupies a site of about 150 acres.