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Academic Curriculum

Additional Year 12 and 13 Courses

In addition to A-levels, we offer several supplementary courses. Further information can be found in the Sixth Form Curriculum Guide.  

  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
    The EPQ is an independent research project that serves as an opportunity for boys to demonstrate their intellectual curiosity, providing the freedom to do a piece of work on a subject area of their choosing. Many topics can be explored, including climate change, stem cell research, cloning, religion, science and ethics, to name just a few.
  • Additional Languages Qualifications
    Additional Languages Qualifications can be taken in French, German or Spanish. They offer an ideal way for boys to keep their language skills going beyond IGCSE, and to obtain a valuable, lifelong qualification in the process.
  • AS Mathematics
    This is offered for those taking three subjects who want to continue with some form of Maths in their Sixth Form programme, without taking the full A-level. AS Maths can prove highly advantageous for boys’ future degree courses and choice of careers.
  • Life Skills
    The Life Skills course is designed to prepare boys for life after Tonbridge. The course will give an introduction to five topics: Cookery; First Aid and how to keep safe; Personal Finance; Interview Techniques; and Global Perspectives. The latter looks at major world issues and ensures that Tonbridge boys have an informed view. 

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Tonbridge hopes to encourage all of our boys to embrace opportunities and interests beyond their teaching timetable.