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Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Departments encompasses three separate subjects and offers A-level courses in Economics (AQA), Politics (Edexcel) and Business (Edexcel). The dynamic nature of the content across these subjects makes them particularly appealing to young minds engaged with the ever-changing world and interested in current affairs.

Our courses are popular with individuals who relish engaging in thoughtful discussions. In these subjects, there are often no definitive 'right answers,' and students who can articulate well-founded opinions while appreciating alternative arguments tend to excel. Consequently, many students choose to complement their studies in Social Science with various humanities subjects such as History, English, Modern Languages, and Geography, although many choose with Mathematics and Science.

A substantial proportion of our students, approximately two-thirds, proceed to pursue university degrees closely related to these subjects. Annually, we prepare candidates for Oxbridge applications, guiding them toward courses like Economics, PPE, Economics & Management, Human, Social and Political Sciences, and Modern History and Politics.

The Social Sciences Society convenes once a term and attracts many high profile public figures from the world of business, economics and politics as visiting speakers.

The Social Sciences Department organises a regular overseas, ten-day trip in the October half-term. In 2016, the trip explored the United States of America, focusing on key political, economic, and cultural institutions in New York City and Washington DC. In 2018, the destination was China, with visits to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai, providing an enriching perspective on economics and business in the region. 

Department Staff

Mr Sam Cleary

Head of Social Sciences
BSc, University of Southampton

Ms Kay Moxon

Head of Politics
MA, University of Cambridge

Mr Christopher Ashurst

Head of Business, Housemaster of Whitworth
BA, University of Durham

Mr Jonathon Blake

Teacher of Social Science, Director of Learning and Academic Enrichment
BA, MSc, University of Wales, Swansea

Mr Luke Masters

Teacher of Social Science, Teacher of Divinity
BA, University of Oxford

Mr Patrick North

Teacher of Social Science, Housemaster of Hill Side
MA, University of Oxford

Mr Nicholas Rendall

Teacher of Social Science, Housemaster of Cowdrey House
BA, Exeter University

Dr John Richards

Teacher of Social Science
BA, PhD, University of Manchester and University of Kent

Mr Kurt Seecharan

Teacher of Social Science, Housemaster of School House
BSc, University of Bristol

Mr Adam Sixsmith

Teacher of Social Science
BA, Durham University

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