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The Houses

Each House consists of about 65 boys. Although each House has its individual character, there is an even spread of abilities and talents throughout and boys in any one House represent a fair cross-section of the whole School. Houses allow for boys to become an integral part of a smaller community within the School and, tellingly, every boy believes fervently that his House is superior.

The twelve Housemasters sit at the heart of our system, becoming the focal point of a boy’s life at Tonbridge as they take responsibility for their academic progress and pastoral wellbeing. With the support of a tutor team (and Matrons in the Boarding Houses), Housemasters get to know a boy and their family on a personal basis.

Life at Tonbridge


Tonbridge School operates a House-oriented dining system. Fresh and nutritious menus are created based on student feedback and feature high-quality and locally sourced ingredients.

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Boys meditating

Tonbridge School was one of the first to introduce Mindfulness to students which encompasses themes such as emotional intelligence, recognising worry and working with difficult emotions.

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chapel life

The St Augustine Chapel is both spiritually and physically at the centre of the School and its daily life. It can fit the whole School community and is therefore a host of many assemblies and talks. 

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school shop

The School Shop provides a variety of items including uniforms, sportswear, stationery, books, toiletries, as well as additional services such as dry cleaning, alterations, and dinner jacket hire. 

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Up Next


Tonbridge School was one of the first to introduce Mindfulness to students.

School Shop

Parents can purchase all items of the School uniform from the Shop, usually done during an appointment before the start of the School year.