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Boarding Houses

At the centre of each of the seven Boarding Houses is the Housemaster and Matron, who together provide pastoral care for the boys.

Matrons, who play a critical role in managing the day-to-day practicalities of running their House, come to know each boy on a personal level and provide emotional support and comfort when they are unwell.

The seven boarding Houses

Click on the Houses below to learn more and meet the Housemaster and Matron. 

Accommodation in the Boarding Houses places focus on communality for the younger boys and nurtures their development into a cohesive and supportive group of friends. As they boy becomes more senior, the have an increased amount of privacy and personal space.

In Sixth Form, boys can become a Senior Student for one or two terms, allowing them to reside in a Senior Student House under the supervision of a resident member of staff. Senior Students remains a member of their House but has a greater degree of independence and longer periods of uninterrupted study.

Boys return to their Houses at mealtimes, except for the weekend when all boarders come together to dine in the Orchard Centre.

Rooms and Studies
Matron's Room
Dining Rooms

The School offers weekend leave, whereby boarders can opt to go home on Saturday afternoon and return to School by 7pm on Sunday evening. 

Weekend leave may be used freely and as much as is desired, with the exception of the first weekend of term and Remembrance Sunday. A substantial number of boarders stay at School for most or all weekends, others make use of occasional weekend leave. 

All School facilities remain open over the weekend and a range of social events and activities are organised each term. 

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