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Tonbridge School was one of the first to introduce Mindfulness to students. Encompassing themes such as emotional intelligence, safety and behaviour in relationships, teaching focus on the development of key skills such as recognising worry and working with difficult emotions.

The benefits of Mindfulness are extensive. At the forefront is the improvements to overall health and wellbeing however it also helps the boys to learn more effectively, think more clearly, perform better whilst reducing feelings of anxiety, stress and depression.  Recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, Mindfulness is increasingly being used in business to improve staff wellbeing and satisfaction, and in sports training to improve performance. One Tonbridge boy commented: 

"It is a skill which I can use throughout my life. I enjoyed feeling good after doing it. I enjoyed feeling calmer once I had finished, and more content as well. It enabled me to be able to focus on the present moment, without worrying about exams, results and homework."  

The Mindfulness curriculum was co-written and is delivered by Richard Burnett to all Second Years. It is a part of the broader PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) programme. It is an optional activity for boys in the Third Year and above.

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The Medical Centre

The School Medical Centre is open 24 hours a day and is managed by a team of fully qualified staff who work incredibly closely with Housemasters and Matrons to ensure seamless medical and pastoral care for the boys.

Boys have access to Nursing Sisters at any time. The School Doctors, who are available every weekday morning, are members of a local General Practice. Boarders are formally registered with the School Doctors.

Dr Shirley Lauryn, the School Counsellor is available for confidential consultations with boys and parents, where desired. Dr Lauryn also plays a proactive role in educating the boys so they are equipped to deal with issues they may face later in life.

Physiotherapists visit the Medical Centre two afternoons a week to treat boys as required.

All Tonbridge boys are automatically enrolled in a Personal Accident Insurance Scheme. Optional medical insurance is offered in addition.

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School Shop

Parents can purchase all items of the School uniform from the Shop, usually done during an appointment before the start of the School year. 


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