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Chapel Life

Tonbridge School is an Anglican foundation, and Chapel services are an important and regular part of School life. The religious and spiritual dimension to our lives are taken seriously at Tonbridge.

Boys and staff are invited to think positively about their faith (or lack of it) and to explore what their individual faith means to them and to the society from which they come and are soon to enter.

The Chapel is both spiritually and physically at the centre of the School and its daily life.

The Chapel can fit the whole School community and boys gain a close affinity to the building. The School day starts with a Chapel service or assembly each morning excepting Monday and Wednesday. All boys attend Chapel services on weekdays. All boarders also attend on Sundays – generally in the evening and often with a visiting preacher. Sunday services are accompanied by the Chapel Choir made up of boys and staff.

Boys who belong to other faith traditions may, with the Headmaster's permission, attend their own places of worship at the weekend. Parents are welcome to attend any of the Sunday services. Parents from every House will be invited to attend Chapel at least once a year, followed by a reception hosted by the Headmaster.

Boys who wish to be confirmed into the Church of England are prepared for Confirmation at the School by the Chaplain. The annual Confirmation service is held in the Summer Term, and a number of boys from all year groups are confirmed annually.

There are three very popular Candlelit Carol Services at the end of each Michaelmas Term, one for the boys and two for parents and friends. Each year a visiting speaker preaches in Chapel and gives a short series of Lenten addresses. The end of the School year, Skinners' Day, is marked by a service at which the Master and Court of the Skinners' Company are in attendance. There is also an annual Service of Remembrance.

The work of the Chapel is supported by an association of Friends and Patrons, which all parents are warmly welcomed to join.

The Chaplain is always available to listen to and speak with any boy about their faith or a pastoral issue that they might have.

This Term's Chapel Service Booklet

Tonbridge Chapel Assembly

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