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Digital Creativity

The landscape of information technology is evolving rapidly with the emergence of increasingly powerful digital devices. There is a growing expectation for wider adoption of mobile devices in both educational settings and the workplace.

Amidst the exciting opportunities presented by digital technologies, new challenges arise, such as the impact of social networking and the accessibility of vast information. At Tonbridge, our curriculum places a significant emphasis on fostering digital literacy skills across various subjects. Within regular lessons, students are provided with opportunities to enhance their proficiency in word processing, data analysis, and presentation skills (utilising Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) in contextually relevant subjects.

Furthermore, our Novi students benefit from dedicated Digital Creativity lessons. These sessions introduce them to computational thinking, Python programming, game and app design, web development, and artificial intelligence. This empowers them with digital creativity skills, which can be further honed through co-curricular activities, aiding in making informed decisions about pursuing advanced studies in Computer Science.

The Digital Creativity department, centrally located in the Vere Hodge Centre, offers state-of-the-art facilities. These include three teaching rooms, a 'Sound Lab' for music creation and podcast recording, a 'Games Lab' equipped with cutting-edge technology, including VR, and a '3D Print Lab' featuring 3D printers and scanners. All rooms are air-conditioned, fostering an environment where students can learn to maximise digital technologies to support academic endeavours and explore their creative interests.

Accessible throughout the week, including evenings and Saturday mornings, these facilities provide students with the flexibility to engage with digital tools at their convenience. This comprehensive approach ensures that students at Tonbridge are not only equipped with essential digital literacy skills but also have the resources and support to nurture their creativity and innovation.

Department Staff

Mr Paul Huxley

Head of Digital Creativity
BSc, Brunel University

Mr Chris Walker

Technology Tutor

Mr Wing Shing Chiu

Teacher of Computer Science
BA, University of Cambridge

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